Considering agent for world-class sports apparel and gears, medical rehabilitation and health care products as its main business, Welmax is dedicated to developing channels and enjoys a good reputation in business.

Driven by the principle of integrity-based, service first, more than 400 distributors and 1000 sales outlets all over the country joined up successively within 15 years. The whole Welmax team wins a good public praise whether in brand promotion, product quality, distribution and logistics speed and safety or market order maintenance.

AQ protection ware, the crystallization of experience and wisdom of many team doctors and athletic trainers/therapists, gains full support from American GD Group, an internationally leading producer of protection wares. AQ brings the opportunity for all sports lovers to share convenient and affordable sports protection technology and products which were exclusively used by international elite athletes.

Besides providing the sales team with the most professional protection ware brand name of the highest quality, we are also dedicated in promoting the development of sports protection business of China with all out efforts in cooperation with Beijing Sports University, Peking University Third Hospital, China Association of Sports Medicine and other relevant professional organizations. As a promise, we also spur ourselves to provide the correct methods and concepts of using protection wares for youth, sports teams and athletes in China.